Want to feel great about your budget, hit your savings goals and manage your money like a pro – no stress required?

You’re in the right place, friend.

In 2015, this blog started as a place for me to share my adventures (and misadventures!) in trying to hit a l-o-f-t-y savings goal. Since then, it’s grown into a place where young professionals who have no interest in boring financial advice can find real talk about money – no boring dudes in suits required.

Because seriously: how on earth did an entire industry make “talking about the tool we use to do all of the awesome stuff we love” a boring subject? It baffles me, all the time. Money and everything that goes with it is simultaneously too awesome and too important to be filed under “maybe later” or “it’s too hard.” I know that’s true.

Here are some other things I know are true.

  • There is no way any of this is too hard for you, because you’re the freaking best. You’re making money and growing your career and sometimes-adulting, and if you can do that, you can 100% figure out how to use that money to live your best life (yes, Oprah moment, just go with it.)
  • Money does not have to be this big, stressful, scary Thing. Sure, it has its moments, but maybe money was just hangry that day. Trust me – stress and money do not mate for life.
  • I believe that everyone can make money fit their life and use it to achieve all their big dreams, whatever they are – yes, even if it feels like you have a zillion of them you want to accomplish rightnow.
  • I think that this can be fun. Money is, after all, the thing that lets us have craft beer and puppies. It is literally why we can have nice things.

So here’s the deal: if you’re ready to feel amazing about your dollars, and know that they’re doing what they need to do to help you live a bonkers-awesome life?

You’re in the right place.

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Wait… Who are you?

Hi, I’m Desirae, the girl who decided to save half her income that one time and lived to tell the tale told the tale all over the internet. Here’s the backstory.

I always thought I was soooo good with money… until I started reading personal finance blogs, that is. Then it dawned on me that I had left thousands of dollars sitting in cash when I could have been investing it, I had once paid $50 in bank fees and I had no idea how to choose a credit card or buy car insurance properly. Not to mention my feeble attempts at setting up an emergency fund, but let’s move on.


I decided to get my act together, which included listing all of my savings goals, and… whoa. There were a lot of them, and they all seemed to be red-alert high priority. How was I supposed to save an emergency fund for me AND my dog, while also saving for a house, retirement, someday-vacations and a new bed?

*cue Excel spreadsheet*

I took a look at the numbers and figured hey, maybe I can save half my income! That’ll really help me hit all those simultaneous savings goals – and while I’m at it, why don’t I tell the whole world what I’m doing?

That was the start of me writing about money on the internet, and a funny thing happened as I kept writing. People started sending me Facebook messages and emails with questions about money, because they knew I was so down to talk about it, and not a lot of people are. It made me realize that we really, really need more chill, no-suits-allowed places where we can ask those money-BFF-level questions, like “Do you think I’ll ever be able to afford that house?

If you agree, I’m so glad we’re finally connecting! I am always around for money-BFF chats on Twitter, Facebook, and of course in our weekly email check-ins.