Four Real-Life Ways You Can Save Money on Food

Yes, you can save money on food, and no, it isn't all about giving up everything you like to eat.

There’s about a zillion lists of how to save money on food, because hi, food is hella expensive and not at all optional. You gotta eat, pals, no matter how frugal or On A Budget you are, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat the fanciest, most expensive food, all the h*ckin’ time. And I should know, because for a while, that was totally me. I was the person who spent $40 on meat to put in a stew. A stew. Literally, I took the meal that is renowned for being a cheap way to deliciously cook frugal af … Read More

The Best and Worst Parts of My Second Year Blogging About Money

The best and worst parts of the past year I spent blogging about money

Well pals, it’s that time of year: the anniversary of my totally half-baked idea to start writing about money on the internet. Last year, I did a roundup post of the year – what worked, what didn’t, what was stressful and what was oh-so-fun. While I’m not about to replicate the same format entirely, I do want to use this anniversary as a chance to look back on the year, because holy heck a lot of things went down. This post is going to be a lot less “financial advice” and a lot more “here’s what I did with money … Read More

Dear Millennial, You Don’t Need Whole or Cash-Value Life Insurance

Wondering if you need cash-value life insurance, or whole life insurance? If you're a millennial, probably not - here's why.

I had a lovely reader email me a lovely question this week, and it made me so mad at the insurance industry. So millennials, listen up: you do not need whole life insurance. You do not need cash-value life insurance. You need term life insurance. (Maybe. If you want life insurance.) And since to most people, those all probably sound like finance gobbledegook, I am using this week’s post to (hopefully) drive a Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-style stake through the heart of any doubt in your mind that term life insurance is definitely the droid financial product you are looking for. So you … Read More

“Everyone Does It” Isn’t a Financial Plan

Just because everyone does something with their money doesn't mean it's a good idea.

“Just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t make it OK” sounds like the kind of obvious Mom Wisdom that would earn anyone an eye roll for dishing it out, you know? Because yeah, obviously we’re all clear that we wouldn’t jump off a cliff if all our friends were doing it too… but that doesn’t mean that all of us have really grasped that it applies to our grown-up life choices, too. Like, how many times have you been So Committed to your new healthy eating plan, sat down for dinner with your friends and promptly ordered a beer or a … Read More

Everything That Was and Was Not Worth Buying For Our New House

Exactly what was worth buying for our house - and what really, really wasn't.

We bought a lot of things when we moved, and only some of them were worth buying for our house, in retrospect. Which ones? Come on, you know I’m going to dish. And while we’re at it, I’m not going to sugarcoat it either: in the month that we actually, physically acquired our new house, we spent a zillion dollars. No but actually, we spent over $9,000, when a normal month rings in closer to… $4,000. So let’s call it $5,000 of house-related spending. Can we take a moment of silence for our savings accounts? I think it’s appropriate. In … Read More

“You Should Care Less” Is Terrible Money Advice

This might be the most terrible money advice I've ever heard.

There’s a lot of really great money advice that takes the form of people sharing things that they’ve done to save money, and using specific examples to illustrate it – I’ve given advice like that when I share the straight-up oddball things I personally do, like wearing the same thing every day and cutting my own hair. I like reading other people’s crazy stories too, because it opens my eyes to things that are possible that I probably never would have considered doing otherwise, but those stories can quickly veer from “fun, interesting story with some hefty associated savings” to … Read More