The Secret to Finding Your Magic Money Number

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How to find your magic money number

Hey friends! Since I’m still working through the Quick Budget Fix with the first round of students, today I want to introduce you to Alyssa from Mixed Up Money, AKA my internet money BFF. She is absolutely hilarious, and was kind enough to let me republish her amazing take on a different type of “emergency” savings – and how to … Read More

How To Build a Budget (Plus, Cookies!)

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How to build a budget that actually works

I want to talk to you guys about how to build a budget, but first, I want to talk to you about cookies. And trust me, it’s definitely about money, because these weren’t just any cookies. They were maracons. Yes, the fancy gorgeous ones that cost like $4 at the bakery. Each.  There’s a hella good reason they cost so much … Read More

Or, And, If: Three Magic Words for Your Budget

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Or, and, if: Three magic words for your budget

Of all the things in the financial world that get a bad rap, budgeting is pretty far up there. Collectively, we’ve got some pretty skewed ideas of what budgeting is and isn’t. Budgeting is restrictive. Budgeting is about cutting back. Budgeting isn’t going to let me drink lattes. Budgeting isn’t going to be fun. Budgeting isn’t going to work. And … Read More

I Went Over Budget This Month (And What To Do If You Did, Too)

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If you went over budget this month, here's how to handle it.

Well, as you probably guessed from the title, I went over budget this month. Like… way over budget. Like over-$800-in-two-budget-categories over budget. Surprise! I’d like to thank the academy, buying a house, and purchasing my ticket to Fincon 17 plus my plane ticket to and from Dallas. In all seriousness, the only two budget categories I went over in were … Read More

The Real Truth About How I Save Half My Income

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How I've managed to save half my income - and how you can too.

It’s one thing to set a goal to save half my income, but actually doing it is an entirely other story. Here’s a (brutally honest) look at exactly how I’ve managed to hit my savings goal over the past few months – because I’ve been consistently hitting it every month since October. Well, OK, not in January, because January was bananas, … Read More