Five Things To Do Before Buying a House

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Five things to do before buying a house, especially if you're a first-time buyer.

Looking for a list of things to do before buying a house? I’ve got you covered based on my own personal experiences, because fun story: we just bought a house! And yes, almost everyone guessed this already from my not-so-cryptic tweets about taking money out of my EQ Bank savings account, and about having big news, and literally every DM … Read More

The Real Truth About How I Save Half My Income

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How I've managed to save half my income - and how you can too.

It’s one thing to set a goal to save half my income, but actually doing it is an entirely other story. Here’s a (brutally honest) look at exactly how I’ve managed to hit my savings goal over the past few months – because I’ve been consistently hitting it every month since October. Well, OK, not in January, because January was bananas, … Read More

How to Spend (or Save!) Your Tax Refund for Maximum Happiness

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Hundreds – or thousands! – of dollars is about to hit the bank accounts of tax-filers everywhere over the next two months. That’s right, it’s tax return season – and it’s time to make sure that you spend (or save) your tax refund for maximum happiness. Pre-S: Still haven’t filed? Check out Simpletax, the tool I use + love to … Read More

How to File Your Taxes Online in Canada

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How to file your Canadian taxes online.

I distinctly remember the first time I had to file my taxes online by myself. I’d been graduated from university for almost a year at that point, and was working full-time. My mom, who rightly saw that I was (almost) a fully-functioning adult, was like, “Here are all your tax documents, and also my accountant isn’t going to file your … Read More

Four Ways to Be Good at Money That Don’t Suck

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It doesn't have to suck to be good at money - here are four ways to make sure you handle your personal finances like a champ.

No, being good at money doesn’t have to suck – I know this from personal experience. This week, The Financial Diet shared a post I wrote about how I survived on an entry-level salary without taking on debt, and how other people can do the same. It’s actually what I’m most proud of in my short personal finance life – how … Read More