The Best and Worst Parts of My Second Year Blogging About Money

The best and worst parts of the past year I spent blogging about money

Well pals, it’s that time of year: the anniversary of my totally half-baked idea to start writing about money on the internet. Last year, I did a roundup post of the year – what worked, what didn’t, what was stressful and what was oh-so-fun. While I’m not about to replicate the same format entirely, I do want to use this anniversary as a chance to look back on the year, because holy heck a lot of things went down. This post is going to be a lot less “financial advice” and a lot more “here’s what I did with money … Read More

“Everyone Does It” Isn’t a Financial Plan

Just because everyone does something with their money doesn't mean it's a good idea.

“Just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t make it OK” sounds like the kind of obvious Mom Wisdom that would earn anyone an eye roll for dishing it out, you know? Because yeah, obviously we’re all clear that we wouldn’t jump off a cliff if all our friends were doing it too… but that doesn’t mean that all of us have really grasped that it applies to our grown-up life choices, too. Like, how many times have you been So Committed to your new healthy eating plan, sat down for dinner with your friends and promptly ordered a beer or a … Read More

What You Can Learn About Investing From a Guy Who Made 3089% on His Ethereum Investment (…Sort Of)

What can you learn about investing from bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Ethereum sound like total science fiction topics, but they’ve been getting a lot of attention in the finance community this week. To make a very long story very short, they’re cryptocurrencies – ways to exchange value that don’t rely on a central authority, like a bank, and that use entirely distributed systems to function. Like if a Canadian dollar was all of a sudden an internet dollar, and answered to nobody. Kind of like that. They’ve been making headlines because both currencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) are experiencing massive growth. Case in point: “Ethereum hits another record high after … Read More

You Don’t Need to Buy a House

Do you need to buy a house? (No)

So yes, I am all aboard team bought-a-house – but you don’t need to buy a house to save money, earn money, or be a “real adult”. I promise. First, let me step back and give you some context on how and why I bought a house, so we’re all on the same page here. I bought a house with a partner. I have been saving for a house for four five years. I have never wanted anything more. My partner and I are committed to staying in this house long-term. And we’re clear on the fact that this house … Read More

How to Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage (Even If You Have No Idea Where to Start)

How to get pre-approved for a mortgage - even if you have literally no idea where to start.

I feel like the catchphrase of a first-time home-buyer is “I had no idea that was A Thing,” so I’ve teamed up with BMO to break down some of the key things you need to know going into the whole buying-a-house process over the next few weeks. Up first is one of my personal favourite parts of the process: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage. See, I loved the process, because it involved talking about budgets, printouts of my financial details, and at the end of it, my mortgage specialist commended me on how well-prepared I was. Getting gold stars is … Read More

The Secret to Finding Your Magic Money Number

How to find your magic money number

Hey friends! Since I’m still working through the Quick Budget Fix with the first round of students, today I want to introduce you to Alyssa from Mixed Up Money, AKA my internet money BFF. She is absolutely hilarious, and was kind enough to let me republish her amazing take on a different type of “emergency” savings – and how to figure it out for yourself. Take it away, Alyssa! Ah, your magic number. The mysterious dollar amount that keeps your savings account from turning into an “I went over budget on my entertainment spending – again” account over and over … Read More