You Don’t Need to Buy a House

Do you need to buy a house? (No)

So yes, I am all aboard team bought-a-house – but you don’t need to buy a house to save money, earn money, or be a “real adult”. I promise. First, let me step back and give you some context on how and why I bought a house, so we’re all on the same page here. I bought a house with a partner. I have been saving for a house for four five years. I have never wanted anything more. My partner and I are committed to staying in this house long-term. And we’re clear on the fact that this house … Read More

Five Things To Do Before Buying a House

Five things to do before buying a house, especially if you're a first-time buyer.

Looking for a list of things to do before buying a house? I’ve got you covered based on my own personal experiences, because fun story: we just bought a house! And yes, almost everyone guessed this already from my not-so-cryptic tweets about taking money out of my EQ Bank savings account, and about having big news, and literally every DM I sent screaming about buying a house… but whatever. Just withdrew money from my @EQBank account and it was as easy as I've always promised people it would be! Also, bye, money. — Desirae Odjick (@half_banked) March 4, 2017 TFW a … Read More

Four Ways to Be Good at Money That Don’t Suck

It doesn't have to suck to be good at money - here are four ways to make sure you handle your personal finances like a champ.

No, being good at money doesn’t have to suck – I know this from personal experience. This week, The Financial Diet shared a post I wrote about how I survived on an entry-level salary without taking on debt, and how other people can do the same. It’s actually what I’m most proud of in my short personal finance life – how I handled my first salary and made it through while still saving money and avoiding credit card debt. If I had started at a higher salary, those same tactics would have me on an early retirement path right now, but … Read More

In Praise of Weird Spending

Weird spending is probably the best thing you can do with your money - here's why.

There’s a whole range of ideas out there on how much you should spend on a thing – hell, I made an entire budgeting tool out of those recommended numbers – but honestly, the best spending you’ll ever do is weird spending. By weird spending, I mean spending that seems way out of line with what’s “normal”. Uh, what? Hear me out. This all came up when I saw an infographic Statistics Canada published, which is a profile of the average Canadian and what they spent in 2015 on everything from housing costs to their pets. And if you know me … Read More

How Much It Cost Me To Wear The Same Thing Every Day

If you’re new to the blog, you might not know this, but I wear (pretty much) the same thing to work every day. Yes, that’s right, I am Mark Zuckerberg / Barack Obama / That Woman at that Ad Agency in New York. And it’s amazing. Fellas, you may or may not have experienced this, but I can almost guarantee the ladies reading this have. You know that feeling in the mornings where you just can’t tell whether this top goes with those pants, and can I wear a sweater over it, but what if it’s too casual for that … Read More

Yes, You Can Have Your Latte and Your Money Goals

Since you’re already reading a personal finance blog, I’m going to go ahead and assume you’ve heard of the latte factor. You might know it as the theory from David Bach, that if you simply cut out a $5 latte from your daily routine, you’ll retire a millionaire. Allegedly. Even if you haven’t heard the original theory, I bet you’ve had at least one “well-meaning” relative, acquaintance or total stranger be all “You know, if you just saved that money instead!” as you were minding your own business, consuming your life-giving cup of precious, precious caffeine. The Latte Factor In Brief On … Read More