The Tactic That Helped Me Hit My House Down Payment Savings Goal

The tactic that helped with my house down payment savings goal

“Ok, so I’ve got… $4,000, give or take. And I need… OK, about $20,000. In a year. Good. This is fine.” That was me when I sat down about 18 months ago to get real about saving up for my half of a down payment on a home with The Boyfriend. And when I say “this is fine,” I hope you know this was the gif I was referring to, and how I actually felt about the goal. See, at the time I was probably saving about $600 a month towards the goal of someday-home-ownership. That sounds like a lot, … Read More

The Secret to Finding Your Magic Money Number

How to find your magic money number

Hey friends! Since I’m still working through the Quick Budget Fix with the first round of students, today I want to introduce you to Alyssa from Mixed Up Money, AKA my internet money BFF. She is absolutely hilarious, and was kind enough to let me republish her amazing take on a different type of “emergency” savings – and how to figure it out for yourself. Take it away, Alyssa! Ah, your magic number. The mysterious dollar amount that keeps your savings account from turning into an “I went over budget on my entertainment spending – again” account over and over … Read More

Short-Term Financial Goals You Can Totally Crush This Year

Short term financial goals you can still accomplish this year

Hey friends! I’m diving into the Quick Budget Fix with a group of pretty fantastic students right now, so for the next two weeks, I wanted to share some great posts from friends of mine who also happen to have blogs about money. This week, I’m handing the mic over to Andrew from Family Money Plan – this post was originally published on his blog, but it really clicked with me, because omg, the year is more than 1/4 over! If you’ve been looking for some financial goals you can still crush this year, here’s Andrew with a great list … Read More

How to Save a Five Figure Down Payment (And What To Do After That)

How to save a five figure down payment if you're trying to buy a house.

In order to buy a house, you’ll likely need to know how to save a five figure down payment, and that’s if you’re in an affordable housing market. With a minimum (Canadian) down payment of 5% of the house purchase price, even a $200,000 house will require a minimum down payment of $10,000. (The required down payment jumps to 10% on the portion of your purchase that’s over $500,000, and if you’re eyeing a $1,ooo,ooo house, you’ll need a 20% minimum down payment. This post is more for us over here in the under-$500-k price range.) That’s why it didn’t … Read More

The Real Truth About How I Save Half My Income

How I've managed to save half my income - and how you can too.

It’s one thing to set a goal to save half my income, but actually doing it is an entirely other story. Here’s a (brutally honest) look at exactly how I’ve managed to hit my savings goal over the past few months – because I’ve been consistently hitting it every month since October. Well, OK, not in January, because January was bananas, but even then I hit a 48.5% savings rate, which is not what I’d call a failure by any means. Related: Here’s How to Handle Not Hitting Your Money Goals Anyways, it’s exciting, and awesome, and has been a huge giant … Read More

How to Spend (or Save!) Your Tax Refund for Maximum Happiness

Hundreds – or thousands! – of dollars is about to hit the bank accounts of tax-filers everywhere over the next two months. That’s right, it’s tax return season – and it’s time to make sure that you spend (or save) your tax refund for maximum happiness. Pre-S: Still haven’t filed? Check out Simpletax, the tool I use + love to file my taxes. I know, taxes and happiness don’t usually go hand in hand, right? But they totally can, especially when you’ve got some fresh cash to play with in your account. Thanks, taxes! The tricky thing is, there isn’t … Read More