How to Get Pre-Approved For a Mortgage (Even If You Have No Idea Where to Start)

How to get pre-approved for a mortgage - even if you have literally no idea where to start.

I feel like the catchphrase of a first-time home-buyer is “I had no idea that was A Thing,” so I’ve teamed up with BMO to break down some of the key things you need to know going into the whole buying-a-house process over the next few weeks. Up first is one of my personal favourite parts of the process: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage. See, I loved the process, because it involved talking about budgets, printouts of my financial details, and at the end of it, my mortgage specialist commended me on how well-prepared I was. Getting gold stars is … Read More

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a House?

How much does it cost to sell a house?

Wondering how much it costs to sell a house? I got you, fam, because that is a thing I-slash-we totally just did. That’s right – if you get my Saturday ramblings weekly newsletter, you already know this, but The Boyfriend and I successfully sold his townhouse! (I know, you were as worried as I was that we bought a new place before selling his place, but it worked out! Don’t do that, ideally, but it was fine this time!) I’m not kidding when I say getting a house ready to sell, especially in a short amount of time, is one … Read More

How to Choose the Right Credit Card For You

How to choose the right credit card for you

Choosing the right credit card is a deeply personal experience. You guys know I’ve railed against the “do you like your credit card?” question as being the wrong one to ask if you’re looking for a new card… but what’s the right question to ask? Or, more accurately, what are the right questions, multiple, to ask? And when should you ask them? I’ve teamed up with to help you figure it out, since they’re celebrating their 9th anniversary with a roundup of pretty stellar credit card promotions (so if you read this and realize your credit card might not … Read More

Exactly How To Track (And Manage!) Your Side Hustle Income

How to track and manage your side hustle income

Pre-S: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links! If you have a side hustle, you need to know how to track and manage your side hustle income – because it’ll save you time, money, and so many headaches at tax time. You guys know I’m a huge fan of tracking your personal spending, because it’s legitimately the best way to get a hard look at where your money is actually going, and it’ll be insanely great at helping you manage your money. It’s no surprise that I’m also a pretty big stickler for tracking (and managing) your side … Read More

I Went Over Budget This Month (And What To Do If You Did, Too)

If you went over budget this month, here's how to handle it.

Well, as you probably guessed from the title, I went over budget this month. Like… way over budget. Like over-$800-in-two-budget-categories over budget. Surprise! I’d like to thank the academy, buying a house, and purchasing my ticket to Fincon 17 plus my plane ticket to and from Dallas. In all seriousness, the only two budget categories I went over in were actually “House Stuff” and “The Blog,” so it really was just those two things. Luckily (I guess?) they both happened early on in the month. I say luckily, because it gave me plenty of time to come to terms with … Read More

Five Things To Do Before Buying a House

Five things to do before buying a house, especially if you're a first-time buyer.

Looking for a list of things to do before buying a house? I’ve got you covered based on my own personal experiences, because fun story: we just bought a house! And yes, almost everyone guessed this already from my not-so-cryptic tweets about taking money out of my EQ Bank savings account, and about having big news, and literally every DM I sent screaming about buying a house… but whatever. Just withdrew money from my @EQBank account and it was as easy as I've always promised people it would be! Also, bye, money. — Desirae Odjick (@half_banked) March 4, 2017 TFW a … Read More