Short-Term Financial Goals You Can Totally Crush This Year

Short term financial goals you can still accomplish this year

Hey friends! I’m diving into the Quick Budget Fix with a group of pretty fantastic students right now, so for the next two weeks, I wanted to share some great posts from friends of mine who also happen to have blogs about money.

This week, I’m handing the mic over to Andrew from Family Money Plan – this post was originally published on his blog, but it really clicked with me, because omg, the year is more than 1/4 over!

If you’ve been looking for some financial goals you can still crush this year, here’s Andrew with a great list of ideas for ya.

If you’re like me, this year is moving pretty fast.

If you haven’t started on your money goals yet this year, maybe it’s time you set some short term money goals to get the ball rolling. Short-term money goals are any goals that can be achieved within a one year period. With a good chunk of time still left in the year, we can still set some good goals and get some momentum on our side.

If you are looking for more goals to set, or you want longer term money goals you should check out this post here that covers all of the financial goals you can set and how to achieve them.

Short Term Money Goals for Saving

Saving money goals boil down to 3 main things.

  1. Pick a goal to save up for.
  2. Create a separate account to put that money in.
  3. Start saving for that goal.

If you need some ideas of things to save for, here are a few you can use.

  • Start saving for Christmas gifts – Ok I know it’s still nice out, and nicer weather is on its way, but just like Game Of Thrones, Winter. Is. Coming. Start putting away some money to save you from gift pain down the road. You can read more about it here.
  • Open a retirement account. If you haven’t opened an retirment account. You should. The process of opening one up literally takes minutes online.
  • Open up a separate savings account. I’m repeating myself for a good reason. Most of us save thinking “I’ll just keep track in my head”. That has never worked for anyone ever…. Separate your saving goals into separate accounts. The goal can be for whatever you want it to be, travel, gifts, car repairs. Start by putting some extra money away every check so that you have a buffer to help you out when there is a financial pinch.
  • Start saving up to buy a home downpayment.
  • Start saving for your emergency fund.

Short Term Saving Goal: Start putting extra money away every month for something bigger down the road.

Short Term Money
Goals for Debt

Debt is like a terrible financial Netflix. You look at this picture and have no clue where to start or how you are ever going to get through it all. With it comes indecisions and then you are likely not to do anything. With debt the best thing to do is break it down.

Here’s some great short-term debt payoff goals.

  • Pick a debt to demolish. Either the smallest one, or the one with the highest interest rate.
  • Put some extra money down on your debt.
  • Wash, rinse, repeat until that debt is gone and then pick another one.

Short Term Debt Reduction Goal: Make an extra payment on one your debts (student loan, mortgage, credit card). Then do it again if you can, over and over.

Short Term Money
Goals for Spending Money

I don’t care who you are eventually you are going to have to spend some money. When you spend money the biggest thing is to be conscious of where you are spending your money. Pay attention to what you are spending your money on. Once you do that here are some short term spending goals you can crush.

  • Cut your grocery bills (Start using coupons. Shop only from a list. Buy generic)
  • Cut your transportation costs (Think driving less, maxing points, or using a co-op to get money back at the end of the year)
  • Cut your utilities spending
  • Eliminate bank fees
  • Cut other spending

Short Term Spending Money Goal: Start taking a more active role in your spending. Don’t just blindly buy the items you normally get. Look at the prices, compare places. Take the blinders off and start paying attention to what you are spending your money on.

Short Term Money Goals For Investing

Investing is a long term goal, but it’s made up of a few short term actions. If you can nail these actions and begin to automate them you will be set up for success down the road.

  • Learn about investing
  • Decide on one type of investment (stocks, ETF, real estate, small business, etc…)
  • Open an investing account
  • Buy your first investment
  • Start an automated investing program

If you are looking to get started investing you can check out our “How to get started with Wealthsimple” guide.

Short Term Investing Goal: Start investing, if you have already started, step up the investing consistently.

Short Term Money Goals for Earning Money

I believe most people should have a side job. But I’m not talking about just any side job. I’m talking about doing something you enjoy. Something that makes you want to stay up late or get up early to work on it a bit. Whether that’s your thing or not here are a few short-term money goals you can set for earning money.

Short Term Earning Money Goal: Start looking for ways to earn extra money. Make a goal of earning extra every month.

Other Short Term Money Goals

Here are some other ones that you can set for yourself. Some of these you can start right away others you may need to make a plan and then get going with it.

If you liked this post, make sure to grab Andrew’s Ultimate Financial Goals Checklist and Worksheets download, fo’ free, ASAP. That’s it for today friends – if you want to hear more from Andrew, you can also find him on Twitter and on Pinterest!

Desirae is on a mission to demystify and un-boring financial info for millennials, so that we can all save more money, spend on stuff that matters to us, and still have a latte or two along the way. Money is literally why we can have nice things, and Desirae is committed to helping make sure you know just enough to make the right calls for you. (She’s also committed to her expensive dog, her side hustle, and her retirement fund.)

4 Comments on “Short-Term Financial Goals You Can Totally Crush This Year”

  1. Samantha

    I’m so glad that you held me accountable with making an online savings account because especially now that I’m ENGAGED **fans self with left hand drawing attention to new shiny ring** I’ve got stuff to save for…and I even got my fiancee involved!

    I have an account for A.) new-to-me car (mine is only about 5 years old, so I’m hoping I have at least 10 more years with it, but I drive a little crazy so who knows if that is realistic or not B.) A WEDDING (we want to pay for our own wedding – mostly so it doesn’t get hijacked by our parents – so this is actually a joint savings account we both set up for automatic deposits) and C.) A home improvement fund since our current house needs a bit of help (also a joint account).

    It’s actually pretty painless once you start it, especially when you autodeposit because you don’t even really miss the money and you just randomly log in and find out you have a pretty big nest egg!

    So thank you again. :] Also my online bank allows for up to 25 separate savings accounts so I’m slightly tempted to make a Christmass one. But I technically would have 5 savings accounts (I have one with my checking account bank) and that mightttt be a bit much. But I’m so totally glad I did this and I’m getting my Quick Budget Fix on and everything is turning up Sam! :]

    1. Desirae Odjick

      Yayayayayayay I saw on Facebook! And another HUGE CONGRATS, I am so excited for you! (About the engagement, but if I’m being honest, ALSO ABOUT THE BANKING!)

      And girl, I have 7 savings accounts, lol. Live your best savings-account life.

  2. Chungsoon

    Thanks for sharing this, Desirae. Definitely a lot of great tips and a smack in the face to realize that we’re almost 1/3 done the year!

    I would be more picky with debt though and go for the highest interest one. Although there’s a sense of accomplishment for wrapping up small debts, I’d rephrase paying off higher interest debt as think of all the money you’d save.

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