You need content to connect with and grow your audience online.


You also don’t want to write all those blog posts, emails, opt-in bonuses and website pages by yourself.

Heads up, friends: New projects are currently being booked for kickoffs in July 2017.

If you’re running a financial business online – big or small – you’ve probably said at least one of these things.

“I just need someone who understands the industry and won’t put my readers to sleep.”

“If I never had to worry about what I was going to write about next week… that’s the dream.”

“Sure, we have an awesome product, but I need to get it in front of more people.”

“There’s so much content that needs to be written, and I don’t know how I’m going to find the time to do it all.”

What if you had all the content you needed to tell your story, grow your audience and convert them at exactly the right times?

Working with me as a personal finance freelance writer means you can maintain the regular schedule of interesting, relevant, share-worthy posts that your readers are used to, without spending hours every week researching, planning and optimizing each post.

It means that every time someone visits your website, they find offers that are so good, they just have to give you their email address to get it. After, that offer hits their inbox automatically, and is followed by a series of emails that helps them get to know you, your business, and connect with your brand.

It means that when you need a new services page, or launch package, or email newsletter, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of actually writing it – or spending years learning the best practices.

I’ve got experience delivering engaging, experienced financial content at every stage of the funnel to turn casual viewers into customers and raving fans.

“Desirae has been so incredibly awesome to work with. She’s been everything anyone could hope for in a contributor — detailed, committed, positive, communicative — and working with her has been a true pleasure. You can’t ask for much more than ‘makes my editing job easy on the morning after Superbowl Sunday’.”

    Matt Averna, managing editor, GenFKD

Hiring me as a writer will free up more of your time to focus on your business, while still publishing regular content to move people from “kind of interested” to “omg I need this.”



You need regular, interesting content to keep your blog or publication going, but there’s just too much of it to handle yourself. As a contributor to your publication, I can offer…

  • Blog posts a la carte or as a regular contributor
  • Editorial planning
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Blog post images

Blog post packages start at $200USD.

Funnel Fixes

If you need to grow, optimize and convert your email list, we can work together to build an engaged list that converts like a champion. This includes…

  • Landing page audits
  • Opt-in incentive planning
  • Email nurture series
  • Email newsletter management

Email packages start at $350USD.

I also offer packages for companies who want to work with me to promote their software and services to Half Banked’s audience.
Let’s talk about promotional opportunities!

Hi, I’m Desirae Odjick, your friendly neighbourhood personal finance writer and marketer.

I’m a personal finance expert who is a millennial, so I’m well-versed in how to talk to millennials without putting them to sleep. I’ve leveraged that skill into a blog that gets read by tens of thousands of people every month, and an email list of thousands of people.

It helps that I’m also a professional marketer with over six years’ experience in crafting messages that are a perfect fit for audiences ranging from teen girls to millionaire execs, at every stage of the funnel – from killer opt-in bonuses that convert at 60%, to email nurture series that get opened, read and purchased.

You don’t need to spend all of your time trying to wrestle with words in order to grow your online financial business.

Whether you’re gearing up for a launch of a new product, trying to piece together an editorial team and calendar, or need a landing page yesterday, the content side of your web presence doesn’t have to be a roadblock to your success.

Take the stress out of keeping that one writing task on your to-do list because you just can’t bring yourself to start.

Get more time to focus on your clients, your marketing plan or your business, without disappearing from your website or your email list.

Know that you’re on top of your marketing and your content, without actually… having to be on top of it yourself.

Is working with me a good fit for your business?

I love to work with…

The money media, aka blogs and websites that focus on delivering great stories about money

Financial companies big and small, who want to get their awesome products in front of more people

Online entrepreneurs who have products and services related to the wide world of money management

Ready to get awesome content that’s a perfect fit for your audience and goals?


Yes, I want help on my editorial projects, like my blog posts and my content marketing strategy.

Yes, I want help on my email marketing and my marketing funnel strategy.