First of all, the biggest of thank yous for being interested in working with me – I’m flattered, for real.

Before we dive into the good stuff – aka, what I can do for you – indulge me for a minute while I give you some background on me. I promise it’ll help you decide whether or not we’re a good fit to work together, which saves us both time!

  • I’ve got 6 years of professional marketing experience, running everything from social media campaigns to full website redesign projects.
  • I’ve built full marketing funnels, onboarding email sequences, high-converting lead magnets and more for startups, multinational companies and local businesses. And for Half Banked, of course.
  • I’ve blogged for national retailers, corporations, startups, non-profits, news websites and more.
  • I’ve been on both sides of the PR table, so I’m as comfortable coordinating influencer outreach as I am crafting content that resonates with customers and simultaneously delivers a killer brand message.


If you need regular content that speaks to your ideal audience in a way that feels entirely comfortable for them, and helps them connect with your brand? I’ve got your back. I have over six years of web writing experience, targeting everyone from teenaged girls to executives, and can nail just about any voice and tone you need.

Right now I’m only taking on writing projects that are related to the world of money, so if you need financial content? I’m your girl, and we should talk about how I can help free up your time by taking on writing duties for ya. (PS. Here’s my portfolio of finance-related writing.)

Email Me About a Writing Project


Half Banked has some pretty awesome readers, but since I’m entirely biased, here are some real facts. The site reaches primarily women in their 20s and 30s, with professional careers, who are interested in learning more about their money and getting a handle on it on their own terms. They’re comfortable with technology, and entirely uncomfortable with the whole “millennials are the worst” narrative – because hi, we’re the kind of millennials who read about money on the internet.

If that sound like a group you want to reach, and your product or service is of the money-management type? We should talk about options for getting it in front of the excellent humans who read this blog.

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Whether you’re a financial technology company or an independent financial pro (fiduciaries only plz!) I’ve got the marketing chops to help you get and keep more of your ideal customer, in ways that are entirely measurable. None of this “Let’s do a radio ad and hope for the best!” business.

I can help you with everything from an overall strategy to a standalone lead magnet to build your email list – and obviously, a lot of things in between. My specialties, that I’ve executed for tech companies and small businesses alike, include…

  • Website content (aka writing a website that actually sounds like you, clearly communicates the awesome advantages of you or your product, and making it easy for your ideal customer to use.)
  • Content marketing plans (that blog you update once in a blue moon? Together we can make it a lead generating machine.)
  • Lead generation and nurturing (not only will we get you more people who are into your exact brand of awesome, we’ll turn more of them into paying customers.)
  • Not using marketing jargon if you’re not cool with it (it’s not rocket science, after all – it’s just marketing.)

You’ve got the financial chops, let me handle the marketing.

Yes, I Want Marketing Help!