Should I Contribute More to My RRSP This Year?

Should I contribute more to my RRSP this year? Here's how to tackle that question.

The RRSP emails started coming really early this year, so if you’ve already wondering “Should I contribute more to my RRSP?” because you’ve received multiple emails from your financial service providers telling you to contribute, or to (don’t do this) take out a loan to top up your RRSP this year, same here pals. If you’ve avoided it so far, we’re coming into Peak RRSP Season, because the deadline to contribute to your RRSP and have your deductions count for your 2017 taxes is coming up on March 1st. (Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? Check out this … Read More

What You Can Learn About Money from Watching Queer Eye

What you can learn about money from watching Queer Eye

If you missed all my tweets over the weekend, I fell headfirst into a binge-watch of Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. I’m not ashamed to say I watched the entire season in a single day, and my only regret is that I have no more episodes to watch. And of course, as someone who writes about money, I had a Lot Of Thoughts—but you might be surprised that they’re literally 100% positive. If you haven’t seen either iteration of the show, and you don’t have an hour to check out one of the episodes before reading this post (which I … Read More

What You Need To Do Before You Earn More Money

There’s a lot of things people worry about saying to me because I write about money. They don’t want to tell me how much they spend at lululemon (I don’t care) or how much they spend on their pets (dude, same here) or how much they spend at restaurants. But those things are so beyond fine by me. Spend on things you love! That’s all cool! There’s only one thing that someone has actually said to me that makes me cringe. “I’ll ______ when I make more money.” Sometimes that blank is “save,” sometimes it’s “budget,” but whatever it is, … Read More

How To Make a Dead-Simple Budget (And How I’ve Drastically Simplified Mine)

You can make a simple budget - here's how

If budgeting seems way too complicated for you, or it’s never worked, I want to tell you about my new, totally-simple budget. It’s legit one single number, and the budget category name? “Fun.” Let me explain a bit. One of my perennial favourite posts has been my defence of a “fun” budget. When I wrote it, it was a reaction to a lot of “just deprive yourself of all joy!” style articles I had seen in the personal finance world, and it all seemed entirely unsustainable and crazy. Especially since duh, convincing yourself to not value the things you value … Read More

I’m Spending a Lot On Uber—Should I Buy A Car?

It is time to buy a car? Here's how to find out.

It’s time to talk cars, pals. Specifically, when does it make sense to buy a car? (Trust me, you do not know where this is going.) I got a really, really great question by email a few weeks ago, asking whether or not I thought it was time for them to buy a car. They were looking at their Uber receipts, you see, and realized they spent a not-insignificant amount Uber-ing around town to avoid the cold and get home from holiday events (which is totally fair and, based on quality of life alone, I’d say a good investment. Ottawa … Read More

How to Buy Renter’s Insurance (Online, In Under Five Minutes)

How to buy renter's insurance (also known as tenant's insurance) in under five minutes

I have a horrible, terrible, no-good, very-bad confession to share. Prepare yourself. I have never in my life had renter’s insurance. Even though I rented for years. IT IS A MIRACLE I AM STILL HERE. And if you’re sitting there thinking I’m exaggerating, I am 100% not. Current Me could not be more appalled that Past Me was so hideously careless about literally my entire earthly possessions. Here’s what happened. When I was still a student, and I moved into my first rental apartment, it was the kind of place where you deal directly with the landlord, and your rent … Read More