How To Make a Dead-Simple Budget (And How I’ve Drastically Simplified Mine)

You can make a simple budget - here's how

If budgeting seems way too complicated for you, or it’s never worked, I want to tell you about my new, totally-simple budget. It’s legit one single number, and the budget category name? “Fun.” Let me explain a bit. One of my perennial favourite posts has been my defence of a “fun” budget. When I wrote it, it was a reaction to a lot of “just deprive yourself of all joy!” style articles I had seen in the personal finance world, and it all seemed entirely unsustainable and crazy. Especially since duh, convincing yourself to not value the things you value … Read More

That Time I Burnt Out, Hard (And What I’m Doing Differently This Year)

That time I burnt out, and what I'm doing to make sure it doesn't happen again

I was going to start this post off as a quick recap of my goals for the new year, and turn it into a bit of a how-to post, but every time I tried to sit down and write it, it didn’t make much sense. I was trying to shoehorn why these were my goals into like, a paragraph or two, but without the context of the past year, it was kind of jarring. See, this past year was a big one, which makes sense when you look at my goals last year. I was all about… Growing Half Banked … Read More

Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Save More Money?

Can artificial intelligence help you save money?

I’m the first person who would tell you that taking an active role in your finances is important—tracking your spending, finding new ways to save, all that jazz. Because hey, it is important! But it’s also time consuming, and you’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. I get that, personal finance nerds aside, most of us would rather play with the dog, knock out some meal prep, share a drink with a friend, or basically do anything else besides update our budget spreadsheets. Which is normal and fine—but the benefits of tracking your spending, not to mention finding … Read More

Budgeting as a Student (or, How to Handle The Weirdest Income You’ll Ever Have)

How to budget as a student, even with a variable income

So newsflash: budgeting is hard. It’s hard even with a full-time, steady paycheque that shows up like clockwork every few weeks in your bank account. But add in a variable income, some monster expenses, and uncertainty about how much money you’ll make next month or next year, and it’s downright terrifying. And no, this isn’t about freelancing. It’s about budgeting as a student. Budgeting as a student Take everything that makes budgeting as a freelancer hard—the variable income, the monthly expenses that have to get covered no matter what, the uncertainty—and now hand that to an 18-year-old who’s never seen … Read More

How Much Money Going (Mostly) Vegetarian Is Actually Saving Me

Will going vegetarian save you money? Here's how much.

Remember that time, over the summer, that I was all “I eat much less meat now”? Well, that’s still a thing, and if I had to put a label on it, I’d say I’m eating pescetarian right now. I still eat fish, but my default day-to-day includes zero other meats—and even fish isn’t an everyday occurrence. Until this month, I couldn’t have told you with any great accuracy how much money it was actually saving me, because August was a partial, and kind of half-assed attempt at “eating more vegetables.” September was veggie-based, with some fish, but it was also … Read More

You Don’t Need a Joint Account, You Need a Joint Spreadsheet

The one tool you need to share finances: a joint spreadsheet.

Nothing in the world of couples and money is more divisive than the “should you and your long-term partner share finances, and how” issue. There’s the “If you don’t have 100% shared finances, are you even really together?” camp, and the “I’ll never share a bank account, ever” camp, and a ton of other camps in between. And for a lot of people, they’re pretty convinced that their camp is the Only Right Camp (which, let’s be real, doesn’t exist in personal finance). So because I’m all about ~controversy~ these days, I figured I’d share a look into how one … Read More