Should I Contribute More to My RRSP This Year?

Should I contribute more to my RRSP this year? Here's how to tackle that question.

The RRSP emails started coming really early this year, so if you’ve already wondering “Should I contribute more to my RRSP?” because you’ve received multiple emails from your financial service providers telling you to contribute, or to (don’t do this) take out a loan to top up your RRSP this year, same here pals. If you’ve avoided it so far, we’re coming into Peak RRSP Season, because the deadline to contribute to your RRSP and have your deductions count for your 2017 taxes is coming up on March 1st. (Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? Check out this … Read More

How Much Money Going (Mostly) Vegetarian Is Actually Saving Me

Will going vegetarian save you money? Here's how much.

Remember that time, over the summer, that I was all “I eat much less meat now”? Well, that’s still a thing, and if I had to put a label on it, I’d say I’m eating pescetarian right now. I still eat fish, but my default day-to-day includes zero other meats—and even fish isn’t an everyday occurrence. Until this month, I couldn’t have told you with any great accuracy how much money it was actually saving me, because August was a partial, and kind of half-assed attempt at “eating more vegetables.” September was veggie-based, with some fish, but it was also … Read More

You Can Buy a House Even If It’s Not a “Good Investment”

Yes, you can buy a house even if it's not a good investment

Want to make the internet (especially the Canadian internet) pretty mad at you? Just tell them that buying the house you live in isn’t a good investment. Pitchforks everywhere! So to follow up on my apparently-very-controversial views here, I want to clarify some things. (But first, if you’re already iffy about buying a house, or you’re worried you can’t afford to buy, I have v v good news: you don’t actually need to buy a house.) You can buy things that aren’t an investment If you look at my monthly budget, the only part of it that I would call … Read More

One Simple Way to Kickstart Your Money-Saving Habits

ONE SIMPLE WAY TO kickstart your money-saving habits

I know what it’s like to look at your budget and feel like there’s literally nothing you can cut out to save more money, or any money-saving habits you can add into your life. I mean, to be perfectly honest, that’s been a pretty consistent feeling every time I’ve sat down to seriously cut down my budget, whether it was when I was a new grad making a decidedly new grad salary, or when I first tried to start saving half my income, or even now when I look at our new budget based on our new home-ownership costs. Every … Read More

Dear Millennial, You Don’t Need Whole or Cash-Value Life Insurance

Wondering if you need cash-value life insurance, or whole life insurance? If you're a millennial, probably not - here's why.

I had a lovely reader email me a lovely question this week, and it made me so mad at the insurance industry. So millennials, listen up: you do not need whole life insurance. You do not need cash-value life insurance. You need term life insurance. (Maybe. If you want life insurance.) And since to most people, those all probably sound like finance gobbledegook, I am using this week’s post to (hopefully) drive a Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer-style stake through the heart of any doubt in your mind that term life insurance is definitely the droid financial product you are looking for. So you … Read More

How to Save Thousands By Saying The Right Things to Customer Service Reps

How to save money by talking to customer service reps - the right way.

I am probably the worst person to ever take advice from when it comes to getting discounts from customer service reps, because true story, I’m timid af and the only strategy that has ever worked for me is stumbling into a discount by accident. So to cover for me, today’s guest post is a syndicated post from my friend Tori of Victori Media. She blogs about careers and money for 20-somethings who want to live life victoriously, and she’s amazeballs. Give her a warm welcome, say hi on Twitter, and enjoy! You guys, I love talking with customer service reps. … Read More