What You Can Learn About Money from Watching Queer Eye

What you can learn about money from watching Queer Eye

If you missed all my tweets over the weekend, I fell headfirst into a binge-watch of Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye. I’m not ashamed to say I watched the entire season in a single day, and my only regret is that I have no more episodes to watch. And of course, as someone who writes about money, I had a Lot Of Thoughts—but you might be surprised that they’re literally 100% positive. If you haven’t seen either iteration of the show, and you don’t have an hour to check out one of the episodes before reading this post (which I … Read More

I’m Spending a Lot On Uber—Should I Buy A Car?

It is time to buy a car? Here's how to find out.

It’s time to talk cars, pals. Specifically, when does it make sense to buy a car? (Trust me, you do not know where this is going.) I got a really, really great question by email a few weeks ago, asking whether or not I thought it was time for them to buy a car. They were looking at their Uber receipts, you see, and realized they spent a not-insignificant amount Uber-ing around town to avoid the cold and get home from holiday events (which is totally fair and, based on quality of life alone, I’d say a good investment. Ottawa … Read More

A Gift Guide For (or From) The Personal Finance Nerd in Your Life

A personal finance gift guide, so you can give the gift of money smarts this year.

Building a gift guide for the personal finance community—a community where half of the time, gifts are typically reduced or forgone altogether—is a weird beast, pals. But since I’ve been thinking about it for a while, this year is the year I got my act together and actually did it. Here are 12 gifts that you can either give to the personal finance nerd in your life, or give as the personal finance nerd in someone else’s life. Some are both! (Because there’s nothing more frugal than a multipurpose gift, you know?) And unlike most of these guides, this isn’t … Read More

I’m Not a Black Friday Hater (Sorry Not Sorry, Personal Finance)

I wasn’t going to write about Black Friday or Cyber Monday you guys, I really wasn’t. There is so much good, solid advice out there on how to handle it responsibly, all of which mostly boils down to a few key points. If you can’t afford to pay for it in full (like, right away, not after a few months) you can’t afford it. If you weren’t going to buy it anyways, it’s not a good deal. Spending money is never the same as saving money. And this is all true, valid, wonderful personal finance advice, and I’m not here … Read More

How to Save Money on Gas (With Your Existing Credit and Debit Cards)

How to save money on gas with your existing debit and credit cards

I’ve mentioned this on Twitter once or twice, but if you missed it, The Fiancé and I bought a new car! So obviously I’m newly interested in how to save money on gas. That’s because specifically, we bought a new-to-us Honda CR-V to replace his 13-year-old Acura RS-X—and if you, like me, are not a car person and have no idea what that combo of letters actually means in car terms, we went from a sporty two-door car to a bit more of a “family” vehicle. As with most major purchases, this switch had an impact on our budget in … Read More

You Don’t Need a Joint Account, You Need a Joint Spreadsheet

The one tool you need to share finances: a joint spreadsheet.

Nothing in the world of couples and money is more divisive than the “should you and your long-term partner share finances, and how” issue. There’s the “If you don’t have 100% shared finances, are you even really together?” camp, and the “I’ll never share a bank account, ever” camp, and a ton of other camps in between. And for a lot of people, they’re pretty convinced that their camp is the Only Right Camp (which, let’s be real, doesn’t exist in personal finance). So because I’m all about ~controversy~ these days, I figured I’d share a look into how one … Read More