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If you’re looking for a millennial money expert (or a regular millennial who’s not afraid to get real about money on the internet) I’m your gal. Here’s a peek at some of the interviews, podcast episodes and syndicated posts I’ve done in the past!


How millennials can jump-start their investing life, Globe and Mail, 2016
Three money apps millennials use to keep their financial house in order, Globe and Mail, 2016
Property owners and parents must often compromise to afford kids, house, CBC, 2016
Embraced the “work uniform” trend?, CBC Radio One, 2016
We asked a money pro about that “avocado toast” advice, FLARE Fashion, 2017
Three millennial pros answer your most pressing tax questions, FLARE Fashion, 2017
Four financial whizzes on how to get your $$Shizz together in 2017, FLARE Fashion, 2017

Syndicated Articles

How one millennial is saving half of her income, Business Insider, 2017
Four simple ways to be good at money that don’t suck, The Financial Diet, 2017
Four reasons why I have multiple savings accounts (and you should too), The Financial Diet, 2017
Seven truths you need to accept to survive an entry-level salary, The Financial Diet, 2017

Podcast Interviews

How to save half your income like a pro, Jessica Moorhouse’s Mo’ Money Podcast
Big rocks and making money personal, The Financial Ginger Podcast


Expert tips on money management for millennials, Green Dot

Guest Posts

Is what’s mine, yours if we’re not married? Sharing expenses when you’re not married, Bravely Go
Increasing your savings rate: the perfect millennial money survival strategy, Millennial Money Man

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