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You’re in the right place. Work with Half Banked to get your message across.

You have a great message, product, or service to share, and you want to get it in front of more people.

I can help. As one of the leading personal finance blogs for Canadian millennials, I can introduce your product to my audience in a way that feels natural, approachable, and fun—all things that you really want when it comes to financial content! (There are too many boring lectures in the world, in my opinion.)

If your offer is available in Canada, and you think it’d be a fit with my audience and the type of topics I cover, let’s talk.

Here’s a few ways we can work together:


Sponsored Posts

This is the best way to get a front-and-centre spotlight on Half Banked. You’ll get a full post (I’m wordy, so they’re usually long!) and a feature in my weekly email newsletter to thousands of readers. All sponsored posts are…

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Interested in something off the sponsored-post beaten track—or just want to ramp up how we work together? I can also work with you on…

  • Affiliate programs
  • Product reviews (coming soon!)
  • Brand parternships
  • Event appearances
  • Videos
  • … and more.

Let’s talk about working together! You can reach me at with details about your project.

Hi, I’m Desirae Odjick, your friendly neighbourhood personal finance writer and marketer.

I’m a personal finance expert who is a millennial, so I’m well-versed in how to talk to millennials without putting them to sleep. I’ve leveraged that skill into a blog that gets read by tens of thousands of people every month, and an email list of thousands of people.

It helps that I’m also a professional marketer with over six years’ experience in crafting messages that are a perfect fit for audiences ranging from teen girls to millionaire execs, at every stage of the funnel – from killer opt-in bonuses that convert at 60%, to email nurture series that get opened, read and purchased.