Use your money to live a life you love.

Being "good at money" isn't as hard as it seems—and no, you don't have to give up your lattes to do it.

It all comes down to doing four key things, and they’re not that hard—promise.

Spend well.

Spending money isn’t a bad thing—as long as you’re spending on the stuff you really care about, and balancing it with your goals.

Save money.

Saving is the key to a lot of big goals, like travel, home ownership, getting a dog, and all that good stuff. Find strategies to help you save more, sans stress.

Make a budget.

It’s just a plan for how to use the money you get every month to maximize the happiness and security you can buy with it. Sounds good, right?

Invest your money.

Investing is so important for your future—and it’s not as hard as you think it is, thanks to advances in technology and non-snooze-inducing info.

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